PM WALL MAP, Rebecca Loewen, 2019; mapping PM interview about inframince transcription excerpts for PM SLIDESHOW


Literally ‘infra-thin’, inframince describes fine indirect perceptions of physical phenomena. Inframince is conductor of two dimensions into three, the essential dynamic in the practice of making space. Inframince is the interval between an inhabitant and their environment that both connects and separates. Duchamp's last note on Inframince predicts that a deep mirror could serve as optical illustration of the idea of inframince as 'conductor' from the second to the third dimension.


3 Slide Shows, Rebecca Loewen, 2017, Video, Duration 4' - 22"

3 Slide Shows closely follows an architectural subject through documentary description. Text read aloud accompanies an analogue slideshow of various architectural subjects. In the performance of the show (projection and reading) spaces are explored between transparency and opacity, image and text, 2D and 3D. The impossibility of an impartial perspective generates a space between the subject and its description within which overlays, fictions or inhabitations may occur.


Inframince Translation, Rebecca Loewen, 2017; transcription and translation of Marcel Duchamp's Notes on Inframince from French into English; full translation here

hood on koenigstrasse

Proprioception Tests, Koenigstrasse, Rebecca Loewen, 2013


Parallel Translations of Duchamp's Notes on Inframince, facilitated by Rebecca Loewen, 2015, page 1; left translation Janelle Tougas, right translation Anne Kawala


Wall Map, Rebecca Loewen, 2013; text excerpts from Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Elizabeth Grosz, Daniel Heller-Rozen, Michelangelo Antonioni, Michel Lieiris


Cheek-Vase-Wall, Rebecca Loewen, 2013, Colour Super 8 Digitally Transferred, Duration 1' - 43"

A woman suddenly finds her cheek right up next to a vase right up next to a wall

inframince notes wall map

Inframince Notes Wall Map, Rebecca Loewen, 2016; Duchamp's original notes